block investment

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the purchase or holding of a large number of shares of stock or a large dollar amount of bonds in a given company

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  • Block Positioner — A securities dealer who will take a long or short position in order to accommodate a seller or buyer of a large block of securities. The dealer takes on the risk of the securities in order to help clear the trade for the seller. Block positioners …   Investment dictionary

  • Block House — A brokerage firm with the primary focus of locating potential buyers and sellers of large trades. A block house typically deals with institutional clients rather than individual investors, since each transaction represents millions of dollars.… …   Investment dictionary

  • Block Trading Facility - BTF — A wholesale trading facility that allows traders to buy or sell large numbers of securities bilaterally outside of the public market. Because trades conducted in a block trading facility are typically between two parties, prices are set with… …   Investment dictionary

  • Block Order — A signficant order placed for sale or purchase of a large number of securities. Block orders are often used by institutional investors. Also known as a Block Trade . Typically, a 10,000 share order (excluding penny stocks) or $200,000 worth of… …   Investment dictionary

  • Block Trade — An order/trade submitted for sale or purchase of a large quantity of securities. Also known as Block Order. In general, 10,000 shares of stock (not including penny stocks) or $200,000 worth of bonds would be considered a block trade …   Investment dictionary

  • Block — A large amount of the same security bought or sold by institutional or other large investors. There is no official size designation constituting a block of securities, but a commonly used threshold is more than 10,000 equity shares or more than… …   Investment dictionary

  • Block trade — In finance, a block trade is a trade that is usually at least 10,000 shares of a stock or $200,000 of bonds. It can also refer specifically to large trades that occur between institutional parties at a fixed price. For instance, an insurance… …   Wikipedia

  • block list — In the context of general equities, listing of stock the investment bank is looking for (wants to buy) or (wants to sell) at the beginning of the day, whether on an agency or principal basis. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary …   Financial and business terms

  • Split Block Pricing — The act of dividing a large order of financial securities into several smaller lots in order to allow each portion to be traded at different prices. The ultimate effect of using a split block pricing method is that the trader will receive the… …   Investment dictionary

  • Commodity Block Currency — A currency that belongs to a country whose economy is strongly correlated with the price fluctuations of a certain commodity. For example, a large portion of the Canadian economy is tied to the price of oil, which causes the price of this… …   Investment dictionary

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